A New Beginning of Blogitude

Hello BikeDC and bikey people elsewhere,

Over the last year, I have been tempted numerous times to start a cycling blog. Every now and again, I read a blog post from another cyclist and get inspired to start my own blog. Then, interest wanes until I read other inspiring post from someone. So, this is it!!!! I am doing this thing!!!!!

I have no idea if I have an interesting point of view about cycling or the world  around me but I am going to give this blogging thing a shot. I will do my best to shine a light on the positive aspects of my cycling experience and advocate for better cycling in the DC area.

So what was the turning point?

Yesterday, I was headed home from a ride hosted by the Coalition for Smarter Growth on Building Better Biking in DC (a future blog post). I took the long way home to enjoy the day before spending the afternoon with my furloughed wife. As I headed to my home in Adams Morgan, I ran into Felkerino (a.k.a @dailyrandonneur), his daughter Dayny, and @Coffeeneur (also @gypsybug) checking out what the Adams Morgan Porchfest had to offer.

After exchanging pleasantries and salutations, I talked with Coffeeneur about her latest blog entries regarding her Federal Shutdown rides since she has no job to go to at the moment. Felkerino also tried to convince me to start #coffeeneuring. I am not sure I am at the point of coffeeneuring just yet. Tempted. However, after leaving my cyclist compatriots I started rethinking my blog inclinations with newfound vigor.

The unknowing moment this blog was born with Felkerino & Coffeeneur

The unknowing moment this blog was born with Felkerino & Coffeeneur

Everyone I have ever met in #BikeDC has been nothing short of amazingly kind, welcoming, and supportive of new people entering the local biking community glued together by a love of riding bikes and bikey things (hows that for a long sentence). Not too long ago, I was the new guy in town. I showed up at my first Friday Coffee Club at Swings knowing absolutely no one and having no idea what to expect. My anxiety was quickly eased by the welcoming , easy going environment.

After almost 2 years, I have met many amazing people I am happy to call my friends. I look forward to getting to know all of you better and continue to meet newbies as they arrive. In a way, I see the creation of this blog as a way to document my cycling experiences and give something back to #BikeDC. All of you have made me a better cyclist and a better person. While you may not realize your contributions to my ongoing DC biking education and civilization (after all, I used to be a caveman), there is no way I can repay you for that gift.

Going forward, I plan to focus this blog primarily on cycling. However, music is bound to seep into my ramblings at some point. There may also be the occasional “what not & nonsense” as well. Hopefully this will be the beginning of something fun, beautiful, and, at times, humorous. If not, it will turn to dust and blow away with the wind.

Over the next few weeks, you will see this site change and evolve as I figure out what I am doing. Please be patient with my new found “bloggerness”.

For now, I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your inspiration.