Coffeeneuring #2: Qualia in Petworth

I have gotten behind on my chronicles of coffeeneuring. So I will make this brief. Last weekend, I met my friend Ted and Brian, a new DC resident from Twitter, to do a quick ride and caffeine injection. We opted to ride up Beach Drive to Veirs Mill Park and back.

I really enjoyed riding side-by-side through the closed sections of Beach Beach Drive as we chatted and got to know each other. Brian, being a new resident to DC, had never ridden up Beach Drive. Ted and I told him about the history of Rock Creek Park and the joys of riding in BikeDC. We left the unpleasant parts for another time. Plus, he will figure that out on his own in due time.

At a moderate pace, we reached Veirs Mill Park for a quick bite to eat. Then, we turned our bikes southward with the need for coffee on the brain. We had planned to return via the Georgetown Branch Trail/Capital Cresent Trail to stop at Malmaison in Georgetown. However, after realizing the Marine Corps Marathon was that morning and the marathon route went down Water Street, we decided to retreat from that plan. Instead, we back to the original plan and returned down Beach Drive with a detour into Petworth for a visit to Qualia. The results below speak for themselves. My stomach greatly enjoyed the latte and the pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese. Great coffee, bagel, and slightly surly coffee snob staff.

Coffeeneuring at Qualia in Petworth

Coffeeneuring at Qualia in Petworth

Coffeeneuring #2

Ride: 29.7 miles

Coffeeneuring location: Qualia in Petworth

Date: October 27th 2013


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