Coffeeneuring #3: Feel’in the Buzz

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 3 is in the books!!!! I met up with my frequent partners in “coffeeneuring crime”, Ted and Jean, in Columbia Heights. After discussing possible “crimes o’ coffee” we decided to go to Buzz Bakery in Alexandria, Virginia.

We went through DC via Sherman Circle and eventually passing the White House. I love passing by the White House. I hope to never take riding through it’s pedestrian mall for granted. From the White House we continued down a totally empty Pennsylvania Avenue turning south on 21st Street NW going through George Washington University. Riding past the Lincoln Memorial we noted a lack of tourists. A sign that a relatively tourist-free winter is on the way.

We connected to the Mount Vernon Trail using the Memorial Bridge and headed south along the Potomac River. Once almost reaching Alexandria, we veered to the right toward Buzz Bakery. My mocha along with a ham, cheddar, and scallion scone hit the spot.

A mocha and a ham, cheddar, and scallion scone for coffeeneuring #3

A mocha and a ham, cheddar, and scallion scone for coffeeneuring #3

We sat outside on the patio discussing how much further we wanted to ride. The consensus of my partner’s in “coffee crime” was to continue riding down the Mount Vernon Trail with a decision to turn around to be determined. Eventually, we made it to Fort Hunt Park and called uncle.

I have never ridden in Fort Hunt Park but had heard a lot about it from Rootchopper and his blog Two Spokes Shy of a Wheel. Fort Hunt Park did not disappoint. The fall colors were out in force with brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange throughout.

My blue enjoy the fall views

My blue enjoy the fall views

We rode around the loop drinking in all the fall glory. At one point, the road was an alley of sensory fall overload.

A road of fall color

A road of fall color

My Norcross and Ted's Surly relaxing

My Norcross and Ted’s Surly relaxing in the leaves

We turned toward home feeling relaxed and enjoying the slightly warmer afternoon temperatures. Unfortunately, on our way back Ted’s front tire slipped off the edge of the trail with his weight going the wrong way. He went down with a thud. Thankfully, this occurred at a very low speed section of trail at the top of a hill. Aside from some torn bar tape, I think the biggest wound was to his pride. After dusting off, we rode home in the bright sunshine.

Coffeeneuring No. 3:

Date: 11/3/2013

Ride: 43.3 miles

Location: Buzz Bakery in Alexandria, Vriginia


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