Coffeeneuring 2013 Wrap Up

My first coffeeneuring challenge has come to an end. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful the completing the challenge.  I started coffeeneuring two weeks late and I was out of town for one weekend without a bike. Given these two constraints, it was tough to complete. However, my unsuccessful challenge made it no less fun.

Each coffeeneuring outing consisted of a ride of various length with coffee was a payoff somewhere along the way.  I loved having a goal to work toward on each ride. Plus, there were always tasty treats to be had along the way. Nothing beats a nice bike ride, then sitting down with your friends for a nice cup of coffee to chat about bikes, the ride, or future rides.

I may not be a Master Coffeeneuring like Mary (@coffeeneur), the Queen of Caffeine, but it added a terrific aspect to my cycling experience. While my first year was just a introductory to coffeeneuring, I will be back next year with my eye of the prize!!!!!!

Mary, thanks for providing the inspiration to get started. It was definitely worth it in the end.

My four completed coffeeneuring rides are listed below:

Coffeeneuring #1 to Pound the Hill

Coffeeneuring #2 to Qualia

Coffeneuring #3 to Buzz Bakery

Coffeneuring #4 to Lot 38