Coffeeneuring #4: The Last Hurrah!!!!!

The end of the Coffeeneuring Challenge is near. My final coffeeneuring occurred with my friend Ted to Lot 38 near DC’s southwest waterfront. Along the way, we passed a DDOT crew finishing up the final stripping and green paint in the conflict zones on the 15th Street cycletrack. We also witnessed the return of the inspirational guerrilla bike lane painter. After passing the “Your Bike Is Sexy” messages Ted and I went past the White House on our way toward southeast DC.

Lot 38 is a small coffee shop across the street from Canal Park with its own charm. Ted and I relaxed  while were ate our pastries and drank coffee. We anxiously watched a dog whose owner strangely decided to tie it to the same bike rack where our bikes were parked. Thankfully, the dog decided not to pee on Ted’s bike.

After finishing our tasty treats we pedaled over to the Cap City Bike Expo in Anacostia to check out bikey things. We did some socializing amongst the WABA staff and checked out the Expo.

The way home Ted and I stopped at Bicycle Space to shop where Ted was seduced by a Bern helmet.

Lot 38 Coffee and chocolate croissant

Lot 38 Coffee and chocolate croissant

Coffeeneuring Location: Lot 38

Ride: 16 miles

Date: November 16, 2013


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