Cycling 2013 Wrap-Up

Another year has past and its time to look back on 2013. This year saw 1,950 miles of pass under the wheels of my Blue Norcross and approximately 500 additional miles of riding a Capital Bikeshare throughout Washington, DC. Most of these Bikeshare miles were piled on by riding between my home and Union Station to catch the train to my office in Baltimore.

This year also saw a number of organized rides. It all started with the Vasa Ride out on my WABA and the House of Sweden. My calendar also saw two Century rides this year: The Cumberland Valley Century and the Back Roads Century. Both of events were first time rides for me. The Cumberland Valley Century was a beautifully small but well organized ride. This ride also yielded two terrific riding partners in Alex and Kevin.

The Back Roads Century is dubbed as one of the premier cycling events on the east coast. It did not disappointed. It was one of the most challenging events I have done with a large majority of the climbing occurring in the last 15 miles of the ride. The organizers really made you earn it at a time when your body is crying out of mercy. Plus, the scenery provided by the Virginia countryside is not too shabby either.

For the second time the Tour de Fat rolled into Washington, DC with their festival of craft beer, bikes, and beautiful wackiness. My wife and I volunteered to sign people up for the parade. Afterwards, good times were had by all with lots of bike themed entertainment.

Over the winter I attended the Philadelphia Bike Show completely by accident. I went to Philly to accompany my wife on a business trip and explore a new city. I had no idea the bike show was occurring around the corner on the same weekend. It was invigorating to talk to people who clearly have a great love and appreciation of fine craftsmanship when it comes to bikes. As a bonus, I also had my first Philly chess steak at Little Pete’s.

My ride season was capped off this month with WABA’s first annual Cider Ride. The 60 miles on this ride were with old and new friends. It was cold day but we were riding for warmth and cider as a motivator. On this day, I was usually strong and powerful on my bike. No, I was not doping. It just one of those great rides whenever came together.

Throughout the year I went on countless other rides with friends, both new and old. I discovered new trails and loops to connect routes together. There were lows as well….(insert bad drivers rhetoric here). However, the highs easily out distanced any lows.

One of my goals from last year was to keep up the pace of my riding into the winter. So far, I believe I have met this challenge. In the new year, I plan to continue my battle against the cold.

For 2014, big changes are just around the corner. I am rapidly approaching a change in employment. My new gig will be much closer to my home and considerably more bike friendly. As a result, I hope to acquire a steel frame commuter bike and become a full-time bike commuter. I look forward to enjoying my commute as many of you do. With any lucky next year, my mileage will greatly increase. I may even pass some of you on my way to work in the streets of #bikedc.

A hotel room has already been reserved in Salisbury, Maryland for the Seagull Century next October. This will be my second visit to this event. I am hoping to improve my fastest century time of 5 hours, 41 minutes. I am sure there will be more events in the coming year but I am going to figure it out as I go. I also planning to ride the C&O Canal to Whites Ferry to take the ferry boat across the Potomac River and ride back on the Washington & Old Dominion Trail.

Happy New Year to all. Get out there and pedal in the new year!!!!!! See you in the saddle in 2014.


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  1. The Cumberland Valley was hands down my favorite ride of the year and up there on all time greats….thanks letting me tag along and mark me down again for next year!

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